Indonesia Needs Up to US$ 1 T for Renewable Energy Transition Until 2060

Indonesia Needs Up to US$ 1 T for Renewable Energy Transition Until 2060

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif said the country needs a total investment of up to US$1 trillion by 2060 in order to transition into a country of new and renewable energy. Therefore, Arifin opens wide investment opportunities and cooperation with international partners.

“The need for financial support will increase as we will put coal-fired power. The need for financial support will increase because we will implement early retirement for coal-fired power plants in the coming years,” Arifin said at the ministry building on Friday, August 4.

The Indonesian government targets reducing emissions to zero carbon or Net Zero Emissions (NZE) in 2060. A number of programs have been implemented to achieve this target. The government is also pushing for a larger share of new and renewable energy (EBT) generation capacity than fossil energy generation.

The Energy Ministry said in a press release that in the latest PLN’s General Electricity Supply Plan (RUPTL) of 2021-2030, the share of EBT generators is 52 percent. Meanwhile, fossil energy generation is only 48 percent.

Based on the plan, the projected need for additional generating capacity is 40.575 GW with an EBT generating portion of 20.923 GW or 51.6 percent and a fossil generating portion of 19.562 GW or 48.4 percent.


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