Sakuranesia Society; Japan and Indonesia’s Cultural Collaboration

Sakuranesia Society; Japan and Indonesia’s Cultural Collaboration

TEMPO.CO, Jember, East Java – The Sakuranesia Society presented artistic and cultural collaboration between Indonesia and Japan in a series of Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) activities, which were held in Jember District, East Java, on August 4 to 6, 2023.

“We invite artists, designers, dancers, singers, and social activists from Japan to be directly involved in JFC activities, which are international-scale events,” said one of the founders of Sakuranesia Society, Tovic Rustam, in Jember on Saturday, August 05, 2023.

According to Rustam, the arrival of dozens of talents from Japan is expected to give new enthusiasm for JFC to continue to exist and develop more creatively after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Cultural and artistic collaboration between the two countries can also be realized without having to abandon the local wisdom of each country, so it is hoped that relations and friendship between the two countries will get better,” he said.

He explained that the presence of dozens of guests from Japan at the Jember Fashion Carnaval event was also one of the things to keep a promise with the late Dynand Fariz, the founder of JFC.

“Sakura, who is also the head of the Sakuranesia Society, met with Dynand Fariz before the maestro died. Dynd Fariz asked Sakura to invite Japanese citizens to participate in the JFC show,” he stated.

For this reason, he continued, the Sakuranesia Society will finally be able to fulfill Dynand Fariz’s request in 2023 by bringing around 30 more of her best talents to participate in JFC.

“We coordinated dozens of talents from Japan to attend JFC by giving their best performances because JFC is an asset to Japan’s creative economy nationally and even internationally,” he said.

Meanwhile, JFC President Budi Setiawan expressed his gratitude for the participation of dozens of talents from Japan who participated in a series of JFC activities such as Artwear Carnival, World Kids Carnival, and the Grand Carnival, which took place on August 4 to 6, 2023.

Head of the Sakuranesia Society, Sakura Ijuin, along with Founder of the Nippon Donation Foundation, Yuma Muranushi, and the team, wore traditional Japanese clothes, namely yukata, as they walk on the street.

The next artist to appear is Japanese calligraphy artist Airi Hara, who paints calligraphy on canvas using a giant brush.

The JFC audience was also entertained by the duet of singers Mitzuki and Yanagima, who performed a number of children’s songs in Japanese with great energy and joy.

Renowned Japanese designer Erika San also presented her works, and a professional dance group from Japan, Kadokawa Dreams, also presented their best performance, which left the audience in awe.


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